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3 Ways Hormone Imbalance Can Affect Your Sex Life

From your early thirties on, hormone imbalance can compromise your sex life by affecting your energy, physical sensitivity, responsiveness, and desire. Read below to learn the three most common ways hormone imbalances can affect your sex life. What’s Happening? As you age your hormone levels begin to change which affects many areas of your life, […]

Sexual Health: Erectile Dysfunction

Don’t Let Erectile Dysfunction Keep You From A Satisfying Sex Life What is Erectile Dysfunction or ED? Men who have ED have a problem getting or keeping an erection that’s firm enough for sexual satisfaction. Most men have difficulty with erections from time to time. In some men, it is a regular, more severe problem. […]

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy? (BHRT)

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What is BHRT? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, is a treatment for hormoneimbalance that restores your deficient hormone levels. Women with hormone imbalance suffer from symptoms such as: Men with hormone imbalance experience symptoms such as: What Hormones Are Replaced with BHRT? The hormones typically replaced with BHRT are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone,and DHEA. Why […]

Sexual Health: What Are The O-Shot & The Priapus Shot?

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When your hormones are back in balance, life changes for the better! Your energy improves, you sleep better, and you lose weight more easily. Often, our patients also experience improved libido and sexual vitality. At the Ageless & Wellness Medical Center, we believe that sexual health is an important aspect of every person’s quality of […]

Men’s Hormone Life Cycles: Andropause

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What is Andropause A man’s hormone levels are typically what you would expect during early and middle age. Unless underlying medical issues or significant environmental health impacts exist, a man’s hormone production is predictable and steady. However, when age and other environmental or lifestyle influences begin to affect a man’s health, he may experience symptoms […]

Is Prostate Cancer Screening Right for You?

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Know Your Prostate Cancer Stats What is Prostate Cancer? Only men have a prostate. This walnut-shaped gland sits below the bladder. The prostate surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of your body. Prostate cancer occurs when abnormal cells from your prostate grow out of control. Am I At a Higher Risk for […]

4 Truths About Hormone Balance that Everyone Should Know

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If you are suffering from fatigue, depression, low sex drive, weight gain, or any type of PMS or menopause symptoms, you know that hormone imbalance can turn your world upside down. Feeling better may seem impossible! Your hormones are your body’s most potent chemical messengers, so when they are out of whack, your whole system […]

Does Stress Impact Your Hormone Health? (Hint: It Does!)

Adrenaline and cortisol are the two hormones that regulate the sympathetic nervous system in response to stress, and they directly influence mood, energy, sleep, and mental functioning. The amount of each hormone your adrenal glands produce is related to the amount of stress you experience. Common stressors include juggling work and family issues; being laid […]

What Is Andropause? (Male Menopause)

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Men are by no means immune to the downturn of hormone levels with age. In fact, the most potent force underlying mental and physical energy in men, the testosterone drive, starts to decline in a man’s mid-forties, or even earlier, depending on lifestyle and stress levels. But unlike the ‘roller coaster’ effect in menopausal women, […]

3 Ways Hormones Can Sabotage Weight Loss – And What To Do!

People think that losing weight is just a matter of following the classic approach: eat less + exercise more = lose weight. However, that equation doesn’t factor in the most important influence on your body’s metabolism and energy-processing system: your hormones! This is one key to weight loss that you won’t find in your meal […]