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Demystifying Andropause (Male Menopause): Part Two

More than weight gain or a lack of sex drive, there are risks associated with low testosterone levels. Physical Symptoms of Andropause When testosterone levels begin to drop, men lose lean muscle mass and add on the pounds, particularly around the abdomen. The change in body composition has more impact than just a “spare tire.” […]

Demystifying Andropause (Male Menopause): Part One

Male stressed being consoled

“What do you mean you’re not “in the mood?” If this question is something that regularly comes up, it may mean that you’re suffering from a problem commonly called “male menopause.” Male menopause is very real, and it has a name: Andropause… What Do I Need to Know About Andropause? The most potent force underlying mental […]

How to Shape Up (& Keep Weight Off): Dr. Randolph Shares His Approach

woman raising fist and smiling while standing on a doctors scale

Many patients come to us with symptoms of hormone imbalance that also include mid-section weight gain. Estrogen dominance is a common hormone imbalance that affects both women and men (as early as the 30s for women and the 40s for men) and causes those “love handles” to appear as you age. Why Hormones Affect Weight Gain Too […]

The Unknown Epidemic of Estrogen Dominance

Woman Stressed at computer

One of the most common (yet severely under-diagnosed) types of hormone imbalance is “estrogen dominance.” Dr. Randolph and our clinical team firmly believe that estrogen dominance is an unrecognized epidemic in modern life. Estrogen dominance can short-circuit your internal remote control physically, emotionally, and mentally! Symptoms include fatigue, depression, low libido/poor sex drive, mood swings/increased […]

How Food Affects Hormone Balance: Leptin Resistance

Woman eating Christmas cookie

Another hormone that is affected by the foods you eat is leptin, sometimes called the “satiety” hormone. We believe that eating healthy good food is an important act of self-care, a gift that you can give to yourself every day! Food and Hormones Are Related Every bite of food you put into your body is […]

Eating for Better Hormone Health: What Is Insulin Resistance?

older couple smiling at each other with woman feeding man some salad

Let’s remember a simple truth: We are what we eat! It is always a great time to think about healthy eating. At the Ageless & Wellness Medical Center, we focus on whole-person, holistic health care, and that means looking at your long-term goals for a healthy life. We know that a slice of pie is […]

Women’s Hormone Lifecycles: Pre-Menopause

What is Pre-Menopause Many women (and most medical professionals) are unaware that hormone imbalances typically begin during a woman’s early 30s. Often, symptoms of Pre-Menopause, or pre-menopause, are misdiagnosed and mistreated. Progesterone, sometimes called the feel-good hormone, is usually the first to decline. As progesterone begins to decline and estrogen becomes more dominant, symptoms such as […]

Does Stress Impact Your Hormone Health? (Hint: It Does!)

Adrenaline and cortisol are the two hormones that regulate the sympathetic nervous system in response to stress, and they directly influence mood, energy, sleep, and mental functioning. The amount of each hormone your adrenal glands produce is related to the amount of stress you experience. Common stressors include juggling work and family issues; being laid […]

3 Ways Hormones Can Sabotage Weight Loss – And What To Do!

People think that losing weight is just a matter of following the classic approach: eat less + exercise more = lose weight. However, that equation doesn’t factor in the most important influence on your body’s metabolism and energy-processing system: your hormones! This is one key to weight loss that you won’t find in your meal […]