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Sexual Health: Erectile Dysfunction

Don’t Let Erectile Dysfunction Keep You From A Satisfying Sex Life What is Erectile Dysfunction or ED? Men who have ED have a problem getting or keeping an erection that’s firm enough for sexual satisfaction. Most men have difficulty with erections from time to time. In some men, it is a regular, more severe problem. […]

Why Is Progesterone So Important for Your Health & Vitality?

What is progesterone? Why is this hormone so important? For too long, estrogen has been considered the star of the show when it comes to female hormones. Estrogen is responsible for the development of your sex characteristics, breasts, curvy hips, and pubic hair, as well as other functions: maintaining the menstrual cycle, and preparing the […]

Hormone Health & Skin Health: Estriol Face Cream

Woman checking dry skin

What is Estriol Face Cream? Dr. Randolph’s NEW prescription-only Estriol Face Cream consists of Estriol 0.3% , DMAE 3%, and Hyaluronic Acid 0.5% mixed in a cream base. Dr. Randolph, along with Compounding Pharmacist Will McGalliard, developed this combination of ingredients to provide a clinically-proven treatment that will boost collagen, reduce wrinkles, improve skin moisture […]

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy? (BHRT)

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What is BHRT? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, is a treatment for hormoneimbalance that restores your deficient hormone levels. Women with hormone imbalance suffer from symptoms such as: Men with hormone imbalance experience symptoms such as: What Hormones Are Replaced with BHRT? The hormones typically replaced with BHRT are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone,and DHEA. Why […]

Sexual Health: What Are The O-Shot & The Priapus Shot?

Asian woman smiling being kissed on cheek by asian man

When your hormones are back in balance, life changes for the better! Your energy improves, you sleep better, and you lose weight more easily. Often, our patients also experience improved libido and sexual vitality. At the Ageless & Wellness Medical Center, we believe that sexual health is an important aspect of every person’s quality of […]

Hormone Imbalance: Estrogen Dominance

woman stretching in bed

What is “estrogen dominance”? Estrogen dominance does not necessarily mean that the body produces too much estrogen (although that can happen too); it means that your body’s estrogen production is not in balance with your progesterone production. Estrogen dominance occurs when your ovaries produce a relatively consistent amount of estrogen while producing significantly less and […]

Women’s Hormone Life Cycles: Artificial Menopause

Woman siting by window

What is Artificial Menopause due to Hysterectomy? Complete Hysterectomy One in every four American women will artificially enter menopause at a young age, due to a complete hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries). Hysterectomy is most often recommended for women with fibroid tumors, severe endometriosis, cancer, or constant, heavy bleeding. A […]

Women’s Hormone Life Cycles: Post-Menopause

mature smiling black woman in a white shirt and grey curly hair

What is Post-Menopause? Post-menopause is the lifecycle that starts after menopause is complete. It can be further divided into three stages: Post-menopausal women continue to have hormone health issues because some hormones are still circulating within their bodies. Since there is no longer any ovulation, progesterone production drops to zero. The ovaries may not be […]

Women’s Hormone Life Cycles: Menopause

dandelion seeds in the wind with word menopause

What is Menopause? Menopause, famously known as the change marks the end of the reproductive years. A woman is officially in menopause when: The average age of women entering their Menopause phase in the United States is 51. The pituitary gland and the hypothalamus continue to produce hormones during menopause, but the ovaries are no […]

Women’s Hormone Life Cycles: Perimenopause 

smiling black woman with long curly hair and white shirt

What is Perimenopause?  The perimenopause or, around menopause life cycle is a transitional phase in a woman’s life that typically occurs in her forties to fifties, usually lasting anywhere from two to eight years. Your ovaries are still producing eggs, although ovulation may be occurring irregularly. Since this is also called your late reproductive stage, conceiving is still possible. Occasionally, you […]